Graphics gallery

By Will Jarrett

Here are a few graphics from projects overwise not featured on my portfolio site. Please drop me a message if you'd like to find out more about any of them.

A bar chart showing police overtime going up to more than 2000 years in 2020.

Created with NYC overtime data | Python, Altair, Illustrator

A map showing how 2050 flood predictions are greater than Hurricane Sandy flood levels.

Created with NYC government shapefiles | QGIS, Illustrator

A beeswarm chart showing how the level of coups has changed on different continents over the past 70 years.

Created with Prof. Jonathan Powell's coup database | Python, Seaborn, Illustrator

A locator map showing a shooting outside the Mission Local web-of-corruption-explore-the-cronyism-lies-and-federal-crimes-at-the-heart-of-san-franciscos-government.

Created with first-hand reporting | Mapbox, Illustrator

A stacked area chart showing how the levels of evictions decreased after the moratorium - but not by much.

Created with San Francisco Open Data: 'Eviction Notices' | Python, Altair, Illustrator

A chart showing that reported hate crimes have steadily risen for several years in England and Wales.

Created with UK hate crime data | Python, Datawrapper

A series of small multiple maps showing that schools near gas power stations are likely to be in disadvantaged areas.

Created with OpenStreetMap and CalEnviroScreen data | Python, Illustrator

A graph showing that children's fiction, fantasy, and erotica get the highest ratings on Goodreads.

Created with scraped Goodreads data | Python, Altair, Illustrator

A map showing that recorded shootings in NYC doubled in 2020.

Created with NYC recorded shootings data | QGIS, Illustrator

A graph showing that a quarter of deaths in the financial industry are caused by deliberate attacks.

Created with US workplace injury data | Python, Illustrator

A map showing Central American countries in which the USA attempted to being about regime change.

Created with various online sources | QGIS, Illustrator

A bar chart showing that there was a surge in gas power generation in the 2000s in California.

Created with Californian Air Markets Program data | Python, Illustrator

A map showing that a large amount of a new building development in Flushing is in the floodzone.

Created with interviews and NYC shapefiles | Google Earth, Illustrator

A bar chart showing injuries and deaths from SFPD shootings.

Created with SFPD data | Python, Illustrator

A cartogram showing which states are boycotted by California for regressive laws.

Created with San Francisco government data | Python, Illustrator